Sending the wrong message

By Virginia Dolajak, President, Bismarck-Mandan Right to Life

I grew up in the '60s and had a hard time with Gloria Steinem's message then and I still do now. (Symposium, Tribune 11-5-15). I am so sorry to read several Bismarck State College employees had to fly all the way to New York to interview her. You would think with all this modern technology there would be an easier way to do that.

They discussed among other things how Roe vs Wade effected women's lives. I wonder if they discussed all the babies (about 55 million) whose lives were lost through abortion since 1973? Don't they deserve a voice too? The article ends with a solution to lowering the number of abortions: sex education and birth control! What a wrong decision. That is what got us into trouble in the first place.

Sex ed in schools has been around for more than 20 years. The only way to diminish the numbers is to have intact families and teach abstinence 100 percent. The heartaches, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. many of these girls go through after their abortion would also be lessened.

Just recently, Cecil Richards, now the head of Planned Parenthood, told in an interview that she and her husband decided to abort their fourth child, because three children were enough. It seems like if enough well-known people come out and tell us they have had an abortion it will lessen the tragedy. It certainly does not. Abortion is not health care or the answer. Adoption is a wonderful option.