Does a multi-million dollar company need a fundraiser? Especially when they receive taxpayer support?

Guest blogger Michael Wilde (Fargo)

What if I told you there’s a CEO who makes well over $500,000 annually, and the business managed by that same person reported more than $1 billion in revenue, and (after paying all expenses for operations, services, staffing, and advertising) that company had a one-year income “surplus” of over $127 million (that’s $127,000,000)? Would you think that business needs your help? Would you be surprised if that business claimed to be nonprofit? What if you heard that same business received over half a billion dollars in funding from your tax dollars?

These are the facts self-reported by the multi-million-dollar business we know as Planned Parenthood. Look for yourself at their most recent annual report available on their own webpage.

In a Forum article from Wednesday, Nov. 25, we heard about a fundraising event that will be hosted by this same business. The business that takes over half a billion dollars of our tax money, and then stuffs almost 25 percent of that money into a mattress at the end of each fiscal year. That same company is hosting an event here in Fargo at which the average asking price for a meal donation is $360, and they hope to serve 200 people. That works out to a potential single-night income of $72,000 or more this company is trying to take from the hands of the hardworking and generous people of North Dakota.

Regardless of your opinion on Planned Parenthood, the math and fiscal philosophy of this big business just doesn’t add up.

Meanwhile, a front-page article indicates the great work just $20,000 is doing to help the homeless in our community. If you search your heart, who would you rather help? Thirty-three homeless families, or a multi-million-dollar company?