A Firestorm of a Week

I just got back from traveling from city to city across ND trying to fire people up about this out of state unlicensed abortionist. Some meetings were more successful then others and of course everyday things seemed to change. But I would like to give you a time line to show just how fast things are developing and that we still can win this.

Nov 1: The word is out and NDRL contacts CWA, NDCCB, NDFA, and NRLC for strategy planning.

Nov 5: We bring in more lawyers as well as out of state people who have done this before, to get a better handle on how to best move forward.

Nov 8: We meet and agree to each organizations role in how we handle the situation.

Nov 8: CWA makes our first public statement directing this back to woman and off of the hot topic of abortion. Reminding people that ND law is to protect woman not simply harass abortionists.

Nov 12: Attorney General Stenehjem publicly confirms that if illegal abortions took place it is a class B felony.

Nov 16: State Attorney Burdick tells us that illegal abortions take place, and that he will not press charges. In his statement he only addresses 2 of the 6 infractions we are aware of at this time.

Nov 16-19: NDRL calls for Grass root call to action.

Nov 18: Department of Health Officer DeWelle makes a report to the AG.

                Law requires him to report “any apparent violations” note the violations happened in September. After 2 weeks of media coverage and your calls this report is finally made.

Nov 19: DeWelles report makes it to the desk of the AG.

I want to assure you that NDRL is working with the best pro-life lawyers in the nation, and in our state to protect life and get the most life affirming result as we can. Sometimes this seems slow but think of how long this clinic has been killing the innocent and how quickly things are unraveling for them.

Soon we will start the next phase, reaching out to the women who had abortions September 30th. This is the most delicate, but most important. Even if the AG does nothing, the victims  can still come forward and the truth can still be told.

Thank you to everyone out there praying, calling, and spreading the word to others. In order for us to build a culture of life we must all take part. The past week has shown me just how passionate ND is for a culture of life.

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life