Call to action


Call Dr. Terry Dwelle, State Health Officer, and ask him to report to the Attorney General the illegal abortions that occurred at the Red River Women's Clinic, as required by state law.

Where:; 701.328.2372


According to the investigation by the Fargo Police Department, Lori Thorndike performed "a number of abortions" at the Red River Women's Clinic on September 30, 2010.  Lori Thorndike was not licensed to practice medicine in North Dakota on September 30.

The Abortion Control Act mandates that several acts that must be performed by a license physician or the agent of a licensed physician for each abortion, including:

  • Section 14-02.1-02 (6)(a)
  • Section 14-02.1-02 (6)(b)
  • Section 14-02.1-02 (6)(d)
  • Section 14-02.1-03
  • Section 14-02.1-04
  • Section 14-02.1-07
  • Section 14-02.1-09

Section Section 14-02.1-07 of the Century Code states that "the state department of health shall report to the attorney general any apparent violation of this chapter."