Out of State Unlicensed Abortionist Lori Thorndike

It is no surprise to me that Mr. Burdick chose not to file charges against out of state unlicensed abortionist Lori Thorndike. According to Campaignmoney.com, Burdick contributed to the Obama campaign that supports federal funding of abortion. It would have been a surprise if he had followed the law.

His excuses were just as transparent as his politically motivated decision, claiming the intent was to stop “back ally abortion”. I thought that is why we have “offenses against unborn children” NDCC12.1-17.1. That law actually goes so far as to declare it a class AA felony for anyone other than a licensed Doctor to kill an unborn Child. Legislative intent is clear; it is why they called it the “abortion control act”. The intent is to control abortion. Even Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem on Nov 12th confirmed that it is a Class B felony to perform an abortion without a license. Burdick comparing it to unlicensed brain surgery? And then not pressing charges? I hope that if my brain surgeon was unlicensed Burdick would press charges for that unlawful act!

This past month’s legal debacle shows that sharing a last name with the local court house and running unopposed are the only real criteria to be the states attorney in Cass County.

Concerned citizens should be asking if this is the only felony Burdick is not enforcing, or if his politics are endangering other laws as well.

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life