Unlicensed abortions in ND

Unlicensed abortions in ND
It has come to our attention that a doctor at the Red River Women’s Clinic, “the only abortion clinic in our state,” may have been working for the past four months without a license.

The Fargo city Police are investigating the claim and will report to that county’s State’s Attorney Birch P. Burdick. It is important that the police Department treat this case with all seriousness. According to the North Dakota Abortion Control Act, “It is a class B felony for any person, other than a physician licensed under chapter 43-17, to perform an abortion in this state.”

We need to pray for this investigation and for all the law enforcement personnel involved.

We have always feared that abortion clinics took short cuts and put “profit” first before “women’s health”. If the accusations are true, then facts will confirm our fears.

We must also remember that this is an on-going investigation and that, at this time, no legal charges have been brought against the clinic. It is prudent for us to stay informed and hopeful. We must pray that this ends well for the state of North Dakota and that if any laws were violated, that the truth will come to light.

In Life,

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life