When is abortion not abortion? When you are not licensed!

North Dakota has a fetal homicide law making the killing of an unborn baby a class AA Felony. North Dakota has another law, the abortion control act, that makes it clear that killing an unborn baby without a medical license is a class B Felony. Cass County State Attorney Burdick thinks that abortion is the same as brain surgery. However the state has given special protections to the unborn that are constitutional and are the root of legislative intent behind the class B felony for performing an unlicensed abortion.

If you assault a pregnant woman killing her baby you will be charged with a class AA felony. If a woman asks you to assault her unborn baby and you do not have a medical licensed it is a class B felony. If you are a licensed physician then it is legal under the roe v wade supreme court decision.

since the law gives greater protection to the living human in the belly of a pregnant woman then it does a brain then it makes sense that this greater protection would also apply to penalties involving the improper or lack of licensing. Legislative intent is clear when we look to how law treats the unborn. Comparing a living human “the unborn baby” to part of a living human is grossly ignorant of science and the law. Showing that the only qualification for States attorney is being unopposed.