2013 Annual Banquets a Success

Another year of banquets has come and gone. Towards the end of October, over three days, hundreds of people braved the cold weather and some of the first snow of the winter in order to hear Claire Culwell share her story in Mandan, Dickinson, and Grand Forks.

Four years ago, Claire found her birth mother and learned the story of her life. Claire is an abortion survivor. She found out that, while she survived, her twin brother did not. Since learning about how she was affected by abortion, Claire has found her calling as pro-life advocate.

Along with Claire, Matia Brobst gave her testimony as a formerly single mother at the Grand Forks banquet. Matia is a testiment to the reality that you CAN choose life and continue on with your life. After having a child while in high school, she has continued to be successful in college and will soon add “college graduate” to her roles as wife and mother.

We are blessed to have been able to hear the powerful stories of two amazing women.