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Please call or email Senators who are on the judiciary committee, and urge them to vote DO PASS on HB 1450 the Defense of Human Life Act. The hearing for HB 1450 is Tuesday March 15th.

Don’t forget we can make a difference!

At the bottom is information on HB 1450 as well as a link to the bill itself.

HB 1450Defense of Human Life Act

What does HB 1450 bill do?  HB 1450 provides equal protection under the law for all human beings in North Dakota, at every stage of development. 

Does HB 1450 protect mothers from prosecution?  Yes, the bill explicitly exempts the mother from punishment for any harm to her unborn child whether the harm was intentional or unintentional. (Page 5 lines 20-22 and page 6 lines 5-7 “Sections 12.1 - 16 - 01 through 12.1 - 16 - 03 apply only to the principal actor, other than the pregnant woman, with respect to criminal conduct upon a person who has not yet been born.”)

Does HB 1450 allow IVF? Yes, the bill explicitly states that it allows IVF. (Page 5 line 16 and page 6 line 1 The creation of a new human being through in vitro fertilization,) Louisiana has adopted similar language regarding embryos created for fertility treatment and IVF clinics in Louisiana have remained fully functional.  The bill would only prohibit treatments that require the intentional destruction of “excess” embryos that have been mass produced even though they are unwanted. (page 5 line 11-15 and 27-31)  Responsible collection, conservation, preparation, transfer, or cryopreservation would not be prohibited.

Does HB 1450 protect the life of the mother? Yes, the bill explicitly allows treatment for life-threatening conditions (page 5 line 11-15 and 27-31) even if they result in the death of another person (i.e. the unborn child).