“Choose Life” license plates

“Choose Life” license plates

North Dakota Right to Life has received approval from the North Dakota Department of Transportation for an organizational “Choose Life” specialty plate.

It is hoped that you will want to be one of the initial proud owners of this license plate mounted on your vehicle or vehicles.

The cost of the “Choose Life” plate is $25.

Plates cannot be issued to any passenger motor vehicle or truck whose gross weight exceeds ten thousand pounds.

If the applicant’s license renewal is due at the time of ordering the plate, the fees should be included with the application.

If an individual wants a personalized plate, another $25 needs to be included with the application. Personalized license plates are limited to five (5) characters. Availability of the plate can be verified on the NDDOT website http://www.dot.nd.gov/.

Plates will be mailed directly to the registered owner(s). The “Choose Life” plate fee is due upon renewal of the vehicle license each year.Please make checks payable to North Dakota Right to Life. and mail you form application and fee to

North Dakota Right to Life
PO BOX 551
Bismarck, ND 58502

Application for Organization Plate (SFN 54397) can be found at:http://www.dot.nd.gov./forms/sfn54397.pdf

Any questions please call NDRL at 1-701-258-3811

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life