HB 1450 Heroes and Villains

HB 1450 “the defense of human life” bill, was killed today by a parliamentary move by District 10 Sen. Olafson. Sen. Olafson in a rare legislative move tabled HB 1450. This ends all discussion of the bill and does not give the bill a vote, and the vote to table the bill was not a recorded vote.

However in a last minute move Sen. Miller of district 16 made a motion that no one expected. After nearly a half-hour of waiting it was decided that his even more rare maneuver would allow a recorded vote to move HB 1450 from the table. The recorded vote was 26-21 in favor of HB 1450. However it required 32 votes because of the motion to table it.

Thanks to Sen. Miller NDRL and the people of North Dakota know that HB 1450 would have been made law if it had not been for Olafson’s anti-life motion to kill HB 1450.

You can read more about this below.

Please call or e-mail Sen. Miller and say thank you. He needs to hear from you.

Please call or e-mail Sen Olafson. He needs to know how disgusted North Dakota is with politicians like him.

In life,

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life