Human life HB 1450

Pro-life advocate,

Attached is an interesting article from the Dakota Beacon about HB 1450 the human life bill that was tabled this last legislative session.

It is rare to have a bill tabled and what has North Dakota Right to Life concerned is that it was tabled on a voice vote; later when a roll call vote was taken the majority was in support of the bill. This article explores how, and possible why a minority might have won the voice vote essentially killing the bill without a true up/down vote.

North Dakota Right to Life is still working with legislators and has not come to any official conclusion, but we encourage our members to know as much as they can and to talk to legislators about the bill and if they supported it and how they voted. After reading this article you might also want to talk to Lieutenant Governor Wrigley, and the carrier of the bill, Senator Olafson.

Senator Olafson

Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley

In life,

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life