Jericho May 7th 2011

In 1986, seven religious leaders marched out to an abortion mill, followed by seven trumpets, seven American flags, seven Christian flags, a child’s coffin, and nearly 4000 people wearing black arm bands. Silently they marched seven by seven stretching out almost a quarter mile. After circling the abortion mill the horns let out and the crowd shouted together seven times “let our children go!”

In a year’s time three “Jericho” marches took place; one in Grand Forks, one in Jamestown and one in Fargo. One by one the abortion mills closed. Today only one abortion mill still stands like the walls of Jericho. In Exodus, the chosen people wandered for 40 years before coming to the Promised Land, and all that stood in front of them was Jericho.

North Dakota Right to Life celebrated its 40th anniversary in November; the only thing that stands in the way of our abortion-free Promised Land is the last abortion mill in Fargo. On May 7th we plan to once again raise an army to march around the mill and blow our horns, demanding that they “let our children go!”

To do this we need every church and every pro-life friend and family to come together. We are already putting together bulletin inserts for churches, press releases for news papers, and billboards for lining our highways.

We need religious leaders, trumpeters, flag bearers, a Childs coffin, and pallbearers but most importantly we need you to sign up, and recruit your friends and families. If we are going to build a culture of life we must all be a part of it. You can join us at or e-mail us at or call 1-800-247-0343.