Judge Corwin Declares Law Concerning Chemical Abortions Unconstitutional

On Monday, Cass County District Court Judge Wickham Corwin declared a 2011 law banning the off-label use of a drug being used to produce an abortion. The ruling comes as no surprise, since Judge Corwin previously stated he would rule the law unconstitutional.

Judge Corwin's opinion on this case is extremely disturbing. Corwin not only makes up his own version of the North Dakota state constitution by insisting that it contains a right to abortion (it does not), but he asserts that this right to abortion is a fundamental right. The right to abortion that Judge Corwin has made up out of thin air is more expansive than what the Supreme Court of the United States created in Roe v. Wade.

In his opinion, Judge Corwin stated that, "the amendments violate the fundamental rights protected by the first and twelfth sections of article one of the Constitution of North Dakota." Corwin obviously forgot about the first of the "inalienable rights" listed in section one of the North Dakota state constitution, life. Judge Corwin talks about the right to pursue happiness and right to liberty, but conveniently tosses aside the right to life for all individuals; denying all preborn human beings of the first of all inalienable rights contained in our constitution.

Our state can not be held hostage by one judge who believes he can single-handedly change the constitution of our great state to fit his twisted worldview. We must believe that the Supreme Court of North Dakota is more competent than Judge Corwin and can understand that the right to life in our constitution, which pertains to all individuals, also pertains to unborn individuals.