We cannot become complacent

Pro-life people across the state are angry with Senator Olafson’s handling of HB 1450 and how it was not given an up down vote. Pro-life people across the state are also angry about illegal abortions that took place in Fargo September 30th without Burdick charging the out of state abortionist who performed them. Mostly, pro-life people across the state are angry that for nearly 40 years the equivalent of a rural school of 25 children is aborted every week in North Dakota.

We can blame Sen. Olafson for tabling a bill that he supported less than a day before it came to a vote. Or we can stand up and be counted. We can blame states attorney Burdick for not pressing charges for the murder of unborn babies in Fargo. Or we can speak out against this blatant disregard for the law. We can even blame the Supreme Court for having overturned life protecting laws in 50 states with the Roe decision; but if we don’t do our part then we become complacent with the culture of death.

We cannot and will never become complacent! We are holding a “Jericho March” in Fargo on Saturday May 7th at 10:00 am. We hold educational conferences. We support and help crisis pregnancy centers. Pro-life educational materials are distributed in many ways and at many events. We participate in the “March for Life” in Washington, DC.

If you are among the angry that are tired of the status quo, add your voice to the chorus of discontent. Be at the “Jericho March.” Become involved with us as we continue to fight the culture of death. We are never going to stop; or quit; we will work until there is respect for all life.

NDRL is calling you and all pro-lifers to gather in Fargo for the “Jericho march”. Make a personal commitment to yourself that you are going to be a part of the culture of life grass roots movement.  Encourage your friends, family members, relatives and co-workers to be involved.

Call your friends. Make a family commitment to march together. Post “Jericho March” posters in prominent locations. Offer a ride to Fargo to someone who otherwise will be unable to come.

Every act by every individual is important.  Your efforts, multiplied by thousands across North Dakota become an unstoppable flood of pro-life success. 

We will make North Dakota abortion free!     

In life,

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life