Legislative Update!

Great News!! Two bills just passed the legislature! HB 1456, the "Heartbeat Bill", and HB 1305, the "Sex Selection Abortion Ban", both passed in the senate! Both bills are now ready to be signed by the Governor. The "Hearteat Bill" passed 26-17 and the "Sex Selection Abortion Ban Act" passed 28-15. This is wonderful news! Be sure to thank your Senators and spread the news!

House Bill 1305 - “Sex Selection”
HB 1305 relates to the prohibition on abortions for sex selection or genetic abnormalities. It would prohibit an individual from having an abortion for these reasons. This bill protects unborn children from being aborted because of their sex or genetic abnormalities. Aborting a child for these reasons is discrimination, which is the main argument for this bill. 

House Bill 1456 – “Heartbeat Bill”
HB 1456 is being referred to as “the heartbeat bill”. This bill asserts that the state of North Dakota has a compelling state interest in defending any human life with a detectable heartbeat. Heartbeat is detectable sometime between 5 ½ weeks and 7 weeks gestational age. The simple idea behind this is that in ND we declare someone as “dead” when there heart beat stops, so it is logical that they must then be “alive” if they have a detectable heartbeat.

Also, turning to the House, two more bills received a "Do Pass" in committee just today! SB 2368- the Pain Capable Child Act, received a "Do Pass" by a vote of 10-3 in the House Human Services Committee. SB 2305- The Admitting Privileges Bill,  received a "Do Pass" by a vote of 11-2 in the House Human Services Committee. Both of these bills should be voted on in the House later this week. Stay tuned for more updates and keep thanking and urging your house members!