Legislative Victories!

Legislative Victories Today!! Two pro-life bills passed in the House today! This is great news!

Senate Bill 2368 - “Pain-Capable Child Protection” passed by a vote of 60-32!

SB 2368 is based on the NRLC model legislation protecting unborn babies after 20 week gestational age because of a state compelling interest in protecting pain-capable children. In layman terms, this bans all abortions after 20 weeks, because at 20 weeks the baby can feel pain and we feel that ND has a right to protect pain-capable children, even in the womb.

Senate Bill 2305 - “Admitting Privileges” passed by a vote of 58-34!

SB 2305 simply requires any doctor who performs an abortion to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. The language is inspired by another state in which local abortionists failed to get admitting privileges, which led to the closing of the abortion clinic in that state. The argument for this bill is that doctors coming to this state to perform abortions must have all the proper privileges to take care of ND women in case an emergency might occur during the abortion procedure.

North Dakota is on its way to becoming abortion-free! Spread the word and thank your legislators for supporting LIFE today!