Rally to Thank Legislators, a Success

On Wednesday, April 17th, hundreds of pro-lifers gathered at the Capitol in Bismarck to thank our legislators for standing up for life and passing legislation to protect it. Not even record setting snowfall could stop people from across the state from showing their appreciation.

Bishop David Kagan of the Diocese of Bismarck started things off with a prayer, and assured both the legislators we were thanking and the people in attendance that "North Dakota is second to no other state" in our recognition of the value of life and our commitment to protect it.

Christopher Dodson of the North Dakota Catholic Conference fired up the crowd when he said that while certain groups of people might say we are setting the clock back, that "that clock was broke 40 years ago." He spoke the truth and said that "the answer to a crisis pregnancy is not pitting a woman against her child, but it's a future where abortion is seen for what it is. It's an offense against women, it's a violent act, and it's a sign that we have failed a society; and our future says, we can do better."

Janna Myrdal of Concerned Women for America made it known that women are not victims to their womanhood and are strong enough to handle even the most difficult situations; that women are strong enough to choose life.

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life inspired the crowd and renewed any confidence that may have been lacking when he highlighted one of the struggles of this movement by saying, "When we speak about abortion in the churches, they say we are too political. We speak about it in the political arena, they say we are too religious. So if abortion is wrong, where do we go to say so? We go to the churches, and to political arena, and to the schools, and to the media, and to business, and to the streets!"

While the rally was a success, it is certainly not the end. We need to continue letting our legislators know that what they did was courageous and that we thank them for standing up for what is right, because there are others who will try not to let the legislators forget that they are angry with them standing up for the truth. We need to make sure we do not become complacent with the victories we just had, but instead work harder than ever to protect life in this great state, and across the nation.