HB 1450 “defense of human life” will come out of committee next week possibly as soon as Monday April 4th.

We need you to call, e-mail or write your senator and ask them to support HB 1450 with no hostile amendments. It is important to say we support amendments from Senator Sitte.

After you contact your senator, also contact Senate Majority Leader Bob Stenehjem, and encourage him for party support of HB 1450.

Finally contact Senator Olafson. Senator Olafson is on the subcommittee with Senator Sitte. Encourage Sen. Olafson to accept Sen. Sittes amendments.

Senator Olafson http://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/61-2009/senate/senators/bios/curtisolafson.html

Senator Stenjeham http://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/61-2009/senate/senators/bios/bobstenehjem.html

List of all senators by name or district http://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/62-2011/senate/members/

It is important that you do not wait, it is important that you pass this on, it is important that your Senator hears from you.

In life,

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life