Why we support HB 1450

HB 1450 is simple; defend all innocent human life, at every stage of human life.

Watch this news clip to see how powerful the pro-life testimony was at the hearing.


After Melissa Ohden shared her story even though the opposition was trying so very hard not to show how touched they were. Because of this there was almost no testimony against the bill. After Melissa said “who in this room would like to tell my daughter that her mother’s life was not worth defending?” it was clear that no one wanted to be that person.

It was a privilege to be in that hearing as the truth about abortion rang out so loud that even Planed Parenthood hesitated to speak.

Please call your legislators ask the politely to support HB1450 or e-mail them here: http://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/62-2011/house/members/.

Call the members of the House human services committee and thank them for giving Melissa a chance to be heard, and encourage them to support HB 1450


In life,

Paul Maloney
Executive Director
North Dakota Right to Life