Measure 1 Defeat Will Not Stop The Pro-Life Movement

It is now one week after the election, and we have all had time to reflect on the results. There is no doubt that it was disappointing to see Measure 1 be defeated. We all spent significant amounts of time, money, and effort to try and pass Measure 1, but in the end, it wasn't enough. 

However, the results of the election should not be discouraging. In fact, there are some positives that we need to take away from this campaign. First, Measure 1 was not defeated because the electorate is tired of pro-life legislation. Measure 1 was defeated because Planned Parenthood was able to spend 1.4 million dollars to confuse good pro-life voters. If you remember the ads being played before the election, you remember that the opposition talked about everything but abortion. They deceived the public into thinking that Measure 1 would nullify living wills and advanced directives, among other lies. As you know, we believe in the right to life from fertilization until a natural death. We do not believe that extraordinary measures must be taken to keep someone alive, and we advocate for the use of living wills. 

The opposition made false claims throughout their entire campaign and sadly, they were able to confuse voters enough that they were able to defeat Measure 1. Much of the media followed in the oppositions footsteps. During the campaign, the issue was spun as about everything but abortion. Now that the election is over and Measure 1 has failed, you are seeing news articles claiming that the public has spoken and an anti-abortion measure was defeated. They can't have it both ways. Despite what the media is trying to say now, we did not lose the vote because people are tired of pro-life legislation.

Second, we had unparalleled pro-life unity in the state during this campaign. ND choose Life was made up of North Dakota Right to Life, North Dakota Family Alliance, the North Dakota Catholic Conference, North Dakota Concerned Women for America LAC, and North Dakota Life League. It isn't often that every major pro-life group in the state works together. I am hopeful that the pro-life unity will remain. We all have different agendas and ideas, but we have proof of what we can accomplish together.

Third, our reach has expanded tremendously. This is partially because of the pro-life unity, but also because of the grassroots work that was accomplished during the campaign. We are reaching more people right now than we have been in the few years that I have been involved in North Dakota Right to Life. We need to keep up the energy and keep reaching out to people.

So we will keep pushing forward. We can not become discouraged from fighting to protect life at all of its stages. We will continue our work in the legislative session. We will continue educating the public. Most importantly, we will not rest until all life is protected.