Missouri Woman Claims "Religious Freedom" to Get Around Abortion Waiting Period

A woman in Missouri is claiming that Missouri's 72-hour waiting period before obtaining an abortion violates her "sincerely held religious beliefs."

The woman, called "Mary", is a member of the St. Louis chapter of the Satanic Temple. Damien Ba'al, head of the St. Louis chapter of the Satanic Temple calls the waiting period "dehumanizing."

Mr. Ba'al says that, "according to our tenets, one's body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone. So we are also protecting her sincerely held religious beliefs."

Mr. Ba'al, along with the other members of the Satanic Temple in St. Louis, are very open about trying to help "circumvent these obstacles so that she is able to make her own decisions about her body and her medical well being." He goes on to say that, "this is about a human being, who has rights to control her own body, and a right to her religious beliefs."

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We can only hope that the courts do not recognize abortion as a sincerely held religious belief worthy of superseding restrictions. The Satanic Temple can talk all it wants about their beliefs that "one's body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone," but that does not mean that someone has a religious right to abortion. Abortion isn't only dealing with one person's body, it is dealing with a second person.

Furthermore, a 72-hour waiting period is not an unreasonable restriction on a life-changing (and life-ending) procedure. Many mothers who want an abortion are able to receive more information during that time; information that can help them realize the gravity of the situation and the understanding that there is an unborn child that is about to be killed. Waiting periods can save lives.

We must continue educating others about the realities of abortion. We must continue spreading the truth, that an unborn child is a human being deserving of rights, and that killing an unborn child does not get rid of any problems that may be at hand. We must not allow abortion on-demand and without restrictions.

We must not give up, for we can end the tragedy known as abortion.