NDRL Political Action Committee Has Endorsed 30 Candidates

The North Dakota Right to Life Political Action Committe has endorse 30 candidates for state and federal office. Please make sure to get out and support our pro-life candidates!

U.S. Congress

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R)


District 3
Sen. Oley Larson (R - Senate)
Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R - House)

District 5
Sen. Randy Burckhard (R - Senate)

District 11
Sen. Tim Mathern (D - Senate)

District 13
Rep. Kim Koppelman (R - House)
Mr. Christopher Olson (R - House)

District 19
Sen. Tom Campbell (R - Senate)
Rep. Gary Paur (R - House)
Rep. Wayne Trottier (R - House)

District 23
Mr. John Jacobson (R - Senate)
Rep. Bill Devlin (R - House)
Rep. Don Vigesaa (R - House)

District 25
Sen. Larry Luick (R - Senate)

District 29
Sen. Terry Wanzek (R - Senate)
Rep. Craig Headland (R - House)
Rep. Chet Pollert (R - House)

District 31
Sen. Donald Schaible (R - Senate)
Rep. Karen Rohr (R - House)

District 33
Rep. Gary Kreidt (R - House)

District 35
Sen. Margaret Sitte (R - Senate)
Rep. Karen Karls (R - House)

District 37
Sen. Rich Wardner (R - Senate)
Rep. Vicky Steiner (R - House)
Mr. Mike Lefor (R - House)

District 41
Rep. Al Carlson (R - House)
Rep. Bette Grande (R - House)

District 43
Sen. Lonnie Laffen (R - Senate)

District 45
Sen. Ronald Sorvaag (R - Senate)

District 47
Rep. Lawrence Klemin (R - House)

Make sure to lock your vote in by voting with an absentee ballot. Click on the link below to do so.

ND Secretary of State Office - Absentee Ballot