Doritos Commercial

NARAL formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League was outraged over an ad that is shown “humanizing [human] fetuses” however irony impaired as they are, they failed to see that this same tweet referred to the parents of the child as “mom” and “dad” which also humanizes the child.

The advertisement for Doritos shows an ultrasound occurring, and while the mother and ultrasound technician look at the baby on the screen with wonder, the father casually eats Doritos. This annoys his wife. As he is eating the father notices that the baby on the screen is trying to grab the chip, his wife is annoyed a bit more when the father tests to see if the baby will follow the chip and after the baby follows the chip and kicks her mother, the mother grabs the chip and throws it across the room, at which point the baby lunges towards the chip and presumably is born.

This tweet criticizes humanizing the child, while simultaneously humanizing the child by admitting that the actors in the commercial are her mother and father.  If a child possesses both a human mother and a human father, she is a human being and it is appropriate to humanize her. Once it is admitted that parents are parents the humanity of the baby is on full display. A mother is not a mother, nor a father a father if there is no child.

Normally the press team at NARAL and their ally Planned Parenthood (the nation’s largest abortion conglomerate) hide parenthood at all costs. Oftentimes they use statements like the one from NARAL President Ilyse Hogue “I wasn’t ready to be a parent, I wasn’t with the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, we weren’t financially secure, we both had dreams that we wanted to go on and achieve.” Statements that indicate that there is still a choice on whether or not you will be a parent.

She said that she was not ready to be a mother, yet she already was a mother. Abortion does not solve anything; it is sold with broken promises and lies that tell mothers and fathers that they are not yet mothers and fathers and they have the choice to pretend that this lie is the truth. 

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