Do We Care More about Dolphins than Humans?

Photo Credit: Brock Schmeling

Photo Credit: Brock Schmeling

If we were talking about dolphins the evidence would be clear and convincing. A mother dolphin in distress would be and doing something that could put the life of her calf in danger you can be sure that no one would advocate for having an abortion to make her life easier. 

Dolphin abortion would spark outrage among segments of the population that readily accept human abortion.  No one would question that dolphin abortion is killing an unborn dolphin, because everyone knows that is true. 

If a mother dolphin that was attempting to end her calf’s life we would recognize something was wrong and do what we could to help both mother and calf’s life. We recognize in the animal kingdom that ending the life of the child is not the best solution for the parents.

 Why would we kill the baby of such a majestic animal? The same question is true for humans. We may be smarter than dolphins, but when a mother is in a crisis situation caused by a pregnancy at an inopportune time we need to recognize that the right answer is the same as it would be for an animal in need. Let us help the mother and the child both get to a situation were both lives can thrive. 

This is why the pro-life movement provides Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Maternity Homes to offer mothers real solutions that recognizes the fact that two lives are present. As a movement we understand that ending the life of the child, does nothing to help the mother. We work hard to provide real answers that protect both lives. If something would be a right for a dolphin, it should also be a right for human beings as well.