DVD's - Title / Year of Release

180 / 2011

The Biology of Prenatal Development / 2006

Conceived in Rape:  From Worthlessness to Priceless - Rebecca Kiessling's Story / 2008

The Euthanasia Deception / 2016

In the Womb / 2005

Maafa 21 - Black Genocide in 21st Century America - 2nd Edition / 2010

Octoberbaby / 2012

Silent No More Awareness / 2011


Books - Title / Author

Aborted Women / David C. Reardon

Aborting America / Bernard Nathanson

Abortion and Slavery / J.C. Willke, M.D.

Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation / C. Everett Koop

Abortion and the Christian / John Jefferson Davis

The Abortion Papers / Bernard Nathanson

Abortion and Healing / Michael T. Mannion

Abortion - Choice or Chance / Ann Saltenberger

Abortion - Questions and Answers / Dr. & Mrs. J.C. Willke

Abortion Rites / Marvin Olasky

Abortion's Second Victim / Pam Koerbel

Abortion's Aftermath:  Psychological Effects of Induced Abortion / Mary Parthun and Anne Kiss

Abortion's Aftermath:  Physical Complications of Abortion / Heather S. Morris, M.B. and Lorraine William

Abortion - The Silent Holocaust / John Powell, S.J.

Abortion and Social Justice / Thomas Hilgers

Abortion:  Yes or No? / John L. Grady, M.D. (Foreword by Senator Jesse Helms)

The Atonement Child / Francine Rivers

A Case for Adoption / Cheryl Kreykes Brandson, MSW, ACSW

A Child is Born / Lennart Nilsson

Adrenaline / John B. Olson

American Democracy in the Wake of Roe / Denise M. Mackura, JD

Angels in the Water / Regina Doman

A Life that Matters / Mary and Robert Schindler

All About Life / Michael Fichter

A Mother's Ordeal / Steven W. Mosher

And Now Infanticide / Effie A. Quay

An Ethical Evolution of Fetal Experimentation / Donald McCarthy

Answering the Call / John Ensor

A Passion for Justice / Dave Andrusko

A Private Choice / John Noonan, Jr.

Arresting Abortion / John W. Whitehead

A Symphony of the Preborn Child / National Assn. For the Advancement of Preborn Children

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia / J.C. Willke, M.D.

A Time to Heal / Michael Bray

Baby Margaret Mary / Gale Crush

Back to the Drawing Board / Teresa R. Wagner

Before you were Born / Joan Lowery Nixon

Beyond Sorrow / Herb and Mary Montgomery

Birth Control / J.C. Espinosa M.D.

Burden of Faith / Dean Magdal Thompson

Call the Midwife / Jennifer Worth

Cassanda's Child / James Mintz

China Attacks / Chuck DeVore and Steven Mosher

The Church in Bondage / Allen O. Morris, MBA

Common Ground without Compromise / Stephen Wagner

Compassionate Crimes, Broken Taboos / Derek Humphry

The Concentration Can / Jerome Lejeune

Consistent Ethic of Life / Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

Consumer Guide to a Brave new World / Wesley J. Smith

Daddy's Stories / A.J. Wagner

Death as a Salesman / Brian P. Johnston

Death and Dying / David L. Bender and Bruno Leone

Death in the Nursery / James Manneyand John C. Blattner

The Death Peddlers / Paul Marx O.S.B., Ph.D.

Defending Life 2010 / Americans United for Life

Detremental Effects of Abortion / Thomas W. Strahan

The Developing Human (Fourth Edition) / Keith L. Moore

The Drums of Moloch / Herbert C. Casteel

Dying Well / Ira Byock, M.D.

Ethics at the End of Life / Paul Ramsey

Fatherhood Aborted / Guy Condon and David Hazard

Father of Modern Society / Elasah Drogin

The Fifteen Most Asked Questions Abort Adoption / Laura L. Valenti

Final Exit / Derek Humphry

Fighting for Dear Life / David Gibbs

Fighting for Life / Melinda Delahoyde

Fire's Guide to Free Speech on Campus / David A. French, Greg Lukianoff, Harvey A. Silverglate

The First Human Right:  A Pro-Life Primer / Catherine and William Odell

The First Nine Months of Life / Geraldine Lux Flanagan

Foundations of Liberty / James R. Patrick

Forced Exit / Wesley J. Smith

Genetic Counseling / Gary M. Atkinson, Ph.D. and Albert S. Moraczewski, O.P.,Ph.D.

Genetic Medicine and Engineering / Albert S. Moraczewski, O.P., Ph.D.

The German Euthanasia Program / Fredric Werthham, M.D.

Gloria Stories

Gosnell:  The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer / Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer

The Gospel of Life / Pope John Paul II

Grand Illusions / George Grant

Grieving the Loss of Someone you Love / Raymond R. Mitch and Lynn Brookside

Handbook for Pregnant Teenagers / Linda Roggow, M.S.W. and Carolyn Owens

Handbook on Abortion / Dr. & Mrs. J.C. Willke

Handbook on Critical Sexual Issues / Donald G. McCarthy, Ph.D. and Edward J. Bayer, S.T.D.

The Hand of God / Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D.

Hard Choices for Loving People / Hank Dunn

Having Your Baby When Others Say No / Madeline Pecora Nugent

Helping Women Recover From Abortion / Nancy Michels

Heart to Stone / Mia Vanduran

Healing Relationships with Miscarried,Aborted, and Stillborn Babies / Sheila Fabricant, Mathew Linn, Dennis Linn, S.J.

Help for the Post Abortion Woman / Teri Reisser, M.S. and Paul Reisser,M.D.

How to Teach Adults in One Hour / William A. Draves

How You Can Live Again After Assult / Kay Zibolsky

The Human Development Hoax:  Time to Tell the Truth / C. Ward Kischer, M.S., Ph.D. and Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D.

Human Life and Health Care Ethics / James Bopp, Jr.

A Humble Plea / Randall A. Terry

Indivisible / The Heritage Foundation

The Jericho Plan:  Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post Abortion Healing / David C. Reardon

Last Wish / Betty Rollin

The Least of These:  What Everyone Should Know About Abortion Curt Young

Lethal Harvest / William Cutrer, M.D. and Sandra Glahn

Let Me Die Before I Wake / Derek Humphry

Letters to Darcy / Angela Hunt

Letters From Baby Doe / C.K. Wyand

Letters to Gabriel / Karen Garver Santorum 

Letting Go / Bethany Books

Life Before Life / Sarah Hinze

Life and Death / James L. Holly, M.D.

Life and Death with Liberty and Justice / Germain Grisez and Joseph M. Boyle, Jr.

Life Stories / D.C. Reardon

Little Star / Anthony DeStefano

Lime5 / Mark Crutcher

Making Virginity Possible / Keith Deltano

Marriage / Hayes Publishing

Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy / Angela Franks

Mary Doe:  Her Story / R. Martin Palmer

Medical Holocaust / William Brennan

My Baby's Feet / Sheila M. Luck

Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath / Bill and Sue Banks

The Mourning After / Terry L. Selby

Making Abortion Rare / David C. Reardon

The Missing Piece / Lee Ezell

The Morality of Abortion / Noonan

Moral Responsibility in Prolonging Life Decisions / Donald G. McCarthy, Ph.D. and Albert S. Moraczeuski,O.P.Ph.D.

My Child My Gift / Madeline P. Nugent

The Nazi Doctors:  Medical Killing and the Psychological Genocide / Robert Jay Lifton

Never Never Never Will She Stop Loving You / Jolene Durrant

The New Medicine:  Life and Death After Hippocrates / Nigel M. de S. Cameron

New Perspectives on Human Abortion / Hilgers, Horan, and Mall

The New Technologies of Birth Death / Pope John Center

No Greater Love / Ann M. Brown

No Final Exit / Thomas N. Davis, III, M.D.

o aborto (Spanish) / Dr. J.C. Willke e Sra.

Pagan America / Don Feder

Paralized But Not Powerless / Kate Adamson

Passion Child: A True Account of a Girl and an Abortion / Jamie Lynn

Personhood / Daniel Becker

Political Action / Charles Colson and Ron Klug

Post Abortion Aftermath / Michael T. Mannion

Post Abortion Trauma / Jeanette Vought

The Power of the Powerless / Christopher De Vinck

Power Over Pain / Eric M. Chevlen, M.D. and Wesley J. Smith

Pregnant at 16 / Lori Ghiata Bowser

Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments / Randy Alcorn

Pro Life 101 / Scott Klusendorf

The Psychological Aspects of Abortion / David Mall and Walter F. Watts M.D.

Psycho-Social Stress Following Abortion / Anne Speckhard

Rachel Weeping / James Tunstead Burtchaell, C.S.C.

Racketeer for Life / Joseph M. Scheidler

The Raising of Money / James Gregory Lord

Rebel in Chief / Fred Barnes

Real Choices / Frederica Mathewes-Green

Recall Abortion / Janet Morana

Reclaiming the Culture / Alan Crippen, II

Reclaiming Morality in America / William Murchinson

Rescuing Right / Randy C. Alcorn

Rights of Life / Landrum B. Shettles and David Rorvik

The Right to Choice / Paul T. Stallsworth, Editor

The Right to Die:  Understanding Euthanasia / Derek Humphry and Ann Wickett

The Right to Live The Right to Die / C. Everett Koop

The River Nile / Kenny Blair

Sanctity of Life / Dr. James C. Dobson

School-Based Clinics / Richard D. Glasow, Ph.D.

Schock / Robin Cook

The Search for Common Ground in Sex Education / Ed Crawford, MA

Short of a Miracle / Crystal Pitrois

Should I Keep My Baby / Martha Zimmerman

The Silent Scream / E. Michael Linzey, M.D.

The Silent Screams:  Abortion and Fetal Pain / Patrick Kaler, C.SS.R.

Spiritual Reflections of a Pro Life Pilgrim / Michael T. Mannion

Stand Up Girl / Becky Fraser with Linda Shands

Stem Cell Research / Chip Maxwell

Studies in Law and Medicine / John Gorby

Supreme Deception / Cybil Fletcher Lash

Surprise Child / Leslie Leyland Fields

Surviving Myself / Jennifer O'Neill

Technological Powers and the Person / The Pope John Center

The Terminal Option / John Thomas Rogers

Tilly / Frank E. Peretti

This Curette for Hire / Eugene F. Diamond, M.D.

To Keera With Love / Kayla M. Becker and Connie K. Heckert

To Rescue the Future / Dave Andrusko

The Triumph of Hope / Dave Andrusko

Two Million Silent Killings / Dr. Margaret White

Tuesday's With Morrie / Mitch Albom

The Value of Life / Senator Orrin G. Hatch

Waiting with Gabriel / Amy Kuebelbeck

The War Against Population / Jacqueline Kasun

Whatever it Takes / Arlette Schweitzer

When is it Right to Die? / Joni Eareckson Tada

When Life and Choice Collide / David Mall  

When Pregnancy is a Problem / Regis Walling

Will I Cry Tomorrow? / Susan M. Stanford-Rue, Ph.D.

Who Broke the Baby? / Jean Staker Carton

Who Holds the Key to Your Heart? / Lysa Terkeust

Women Exploited:  The Other Victims of Abortion / Paula Ervin

Won By Love / Norma McCorvey

The Wonderful Way that Babies are Made / Larry Christenson

Why Can't We Love Them Both? / Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke,M.D.

Why Pro-Life / Randy Alcorn

Umbert The Unborn: A Womb with a View / Gary Cangemi

Victims of Choice / Kevin Sherlock

Victims and Victors / David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa, and Amy Sobie

Viability / Michael A. Fichter

Voluntary Euthanasia / Gretchen L. Johnson